11 October 2022

Printable Wrapping Paper

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With the holidays right around the corner we wanted to revisit printable wrapping papers. This is a PERFECT way to up your holiday gift giving game!

You can custom print your wrapping paper with our Magic WrapitAQ or our HP Satin Wrapping Paper!  It is so easy, as you can see in the video, and perfect for any occasion from birthdays to holidays. You can use this for yourself, or even sell your custom paper bringing you a new line of revenue. 

Why printable wrapping paper?

  1. No special printer to purchase!
    • Easily print using your existing printer! (Latex and Aqueous compatible)
  2. Your brand covering your gifts to make a lasting impression.
    • Everyone loves custom gifts, why not customize the paper they are wrapped in?
  3. FUN and Easy!
    • Customize with photos and your own art. Use Canva or your favorite design app. Then PRINT!

If you have any questions about printable wrapping paper options, please call or email us we would love to speak with you!

customerservice@paragonwf.com or 321-346-8400