12 June 2023

Let’s Greet Keencut’s updated Material Guide

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Keencut was founded in 1982 and quickly became the leader in manufacturing oval and circle cutters for the framing industry. Keencut continuously invests in-house to achieve new designs. The company uses aluminum, CAD, CNC, and upgraded equipment for its clients.

Keencut continues to update its design according to generational use. The manufacturer develops an intimate relationship with its dealers, users, and consumers. Keencut foresees changes and appreciates feedback. It is the basis of their innovation.

One of Keencut’s most popular products is a bench accessory for top cutters. The accessory fixes individually to the bench. The individual can place the object on top of the material to create a straight edge. Place it at the right angle of the cutting machine. Its inner mechanism helps the material in efficient cutting. As a result, cutting time is decreased, and the shape of the cut is also guaranteed.


The Keencut material guide is new. The accessory works with flexible and tough material. You can guide it easily across all material. It will not curl the surfaces unnecessarily. Furthermore, the updated Keencut accessory stabilizes the tough material. 

Perfect for beginners and experts

The accessory also comes with an easy-to-read scale. The imperial units make the measurements easy to understand. However, it is also available in metric scale. The scale attaches excellently with the cutter too! In addition to measurements, there is also a sliding stop that you can place on the material. If you do not need the sliding accessory, the user can fold it, and it is easily out of the way. 

Long-term use

The updated Keencut Material Guide is 924 mm long with 900mm squared edges. Its longevity and credibility in the application are unquestionable because of the manufacturer. The material guide is made from aluminum extrusion. Its components will not depreciate or rust, further adding to its durability. Keencut accessories and products pass strict quality assurance standards before reaching the customer.

Moreover, the accessory works with all forms of material whose bench is 18mm or thicker. The newly offered Keencut Material Guide is easy to install. If you are unsure how to install the accessory, the manufacturer offers a detailed installation video. Scan the QR code on the phone and watch the installation appear in just a few seconds. 


Keencut’s innovative Material Guide will accommodate a busy studio. It enhances production, so the projects are detailed, efficient, and easier to accomplish. The accessory ensures that the material is immediately installed and ready for use. The accessory also features a lift and hover design. The technology is unique, with a patent reserved for Keencut use. The technology responds well to all materials regardless of their thickness and composition. The tool even calibrates surfaces easily. 

Sightseeing strip

The Keencut’s accessory does not sag on top of the material, even when operating at the full length of 3.6m or 144”. Keencut’s design also features a strip for sighting. As a result, the individual can see where the cutter is and whether or not the clamp is holding the material. The design is quite simple but full of features and smart thinking.


Lastly, Keencut’s Material Guide also has QuikSwap. The intelligent feature offers exact cutting and creasing. It will satisfy all your cutting requirements. Also, QuikSwap will cut the materials with an ultra-precision of 0.2mm. 

Time to Wrap up!

Keencut Material Cutting accessory is the long-term answer to all your solutions if you are looking for stability and smart cutting of materials. Its attachments are also innovative. The device minimizes material waste and promotes sustainability. Keencut cutter’s foldaway feature is especially popular among customers for it’s ease, and space saving design.

You can download the brochure to learn more about the accessory. For concerns and questions regarding the material cutting, contact the Paragon Team for more assistance.