22 January 2024

How New Century School Found a Stylish Solution with Vitaliti 901A Window Perf

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New Century has always prided itself on its bright and welcoming classrooms, where natural light streams in and fosters a vibrant learning environment. However, with the growing need for enhanced security, they faced a challenge: how to create a visual barrier without compromising the open atmosphere and connection with the outside world?

Their solution? Vitaliti 901A window perf. This innovative material struck the perfect balance between security and openness. By covering all windows and doors with the perforated film, they achieved a strategic visual barrier, making it difficult for anyone outside to see in while allowing students and teachers to maintain clear outward views.

What truly sets this project apart is the way they embraced the creative potential of this media. By using an HP DesignJet poster printer, they transformed the window film into a canvas for their school’s brand identity. Vibrant graphics and messaging now adorn the windows, creating a visually appealing and cohesive learning space that seamlessly integrates security measures with their existing design aesthetic.

The result is a classroom environment that prioritizes both safety and well-being. Teachers and students can enjoy the benefits of natural light and unobstructed outward views, while the visual barrier provides valuable peace of mind.

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