17 September 2021

Education Series: Part 1 – Large Fonts and Bold Graphics

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When creating a series of prints for the Sports Team, Pep rallies, and Fundraising events, these types of banners require large fonts and Bold Graphics as they immensely help in drawing the attention of the target audience. The large fonts and eye-catching graphics are easily observed, and so it induces curiosity in the minds of people; hence the primary purpose of promotion and marketing is performed with precision by these large prints of banners. Furthermore, the branding of the team is done using these banners. Similarly, in the case of rallies and other events, the primary purpose of the banners is to convey the message to more and more people about the event and involve a greater audience.

For creating such eyeball-grabbing prints and banners for the events, it is essential to get hold of all the necessary items like the material for making the banner, trimming it, and deciding the graphics. For cutting the fabric, Keencut- Evolution 3 range Top Cutter is generally preferred for its top-grade quality and its ability to accomplish the task with accuracy. The process enables the designer to shape the ideas and make the best use of the visual design tools and stock photos to create the banners for promotion. For instance, in Sports, the display of the logo, team colors, and mentioning of the team’s sponsors promotes the group and its patrons. The fundraising events also depend on marketing strategies, and thereby improving the event’s visibility is necessary. Hence the focus is laid on attractive graphics and large fonts.

The promotional tags and copy of the campaign also play a crucial role in grabbing the viewers’ attention. Again, so much thought is put into it. The Graphics are designed carefully to serve the purpose. Using Bold graphics and professional expertise confer a trendy appearance to the banner that proves to be suitable for the occasion. Generally, inspiration is drawn from graffiti and vintage posters to create a unique look. Even comic book graphics are used in many cases to entrap the audience’s mind successfully.

The headers with Composite prints include the incorporation of various images attached to create one consolidated image. If there are several events, all the images can convey a complete story about the event that is being promoted. For instance, if the Fundraising event comprises other activities, such activities may be reflected through the images. When the banners highlight large graphic images, it grabs the attention of the target audience, and the lively blend of colors in the image speaks volumes about the nature of the event. The images and graphics in the banner also set the mood of the event. For instance, the images in a rally and those of a social fundraising event shall differ in their color combination according to the message being conveyed. Sometimes the texts are highlighted in the banners if the aim for the promotion is to evoke a question in the mind of the target audience. Using prominent font for the text and a catchy headline or vital information like venue and date are crucial for the banner. However, the copywriter must use concise text for the large-sized banners as brevity can create greater impact instead of long sentences. Monochromatic themes are mostly used to create a stark contrast in the colour palette and grab the viewers’ attention effortlessly. Hand-drawn images or graphics also succeed in making a difference.


Every aspect of the banner is selected minutely as these decisions impact the scale of marketing and outreach of the campaign. The graphic designer, copywriter, and the entire team brainstorm and select the best combination of all elements to create the most eye-catching banner.