15 March 2023

Women in Print | Meet Toni Oman

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Happy March! Or how it should be termed Happy Women’s History Month! The month celebrates the mass movements by ladies’ garment workers in 1909 for equal pay and rights. Women’s History Month celebrates women’s contribution to history and culture. Today, we discuss women in the printing sector, which still has a long way to go to claim as “gender-equal.”

Women’s barriers to entry in the printing industry

Inability to appreciate the talent

Over the years, women have become active participants in numerous industries. However, their involvement in the print industry is unsatisfactory. There are 37.76% of women to 62.64% of men in the printing industry. Many blame the failure to recognize new talent. Therefore, we must specifically focus on attracting female recruits.

Low self-confidence

Moreover, some women do not feel confident or comfortable in networking. In a society where women are often seen as inferior, they may inadvertently develop a low self-esteem. Women tend to compare themselves to their peers and fall short of their sometimes frivolous expectations. They become more cautious and unwilling to take risks or step out of their comfort zones. Another reason for their low self-esteem is, they tend to be rewarded for perfectionist tendencies and are unwilling to try out new activities that they may not be good at. This can cause them to miss out on incredible opportunities, or going into fields that are more male-dominated. Therefore, we need to present a safe environment where women can share their experiences and advise other women who wish to enter the print industry.

Glass ceiling

The term was introduced in the 1970s and mentioned that women have invisible barriers based on attitude. They also face daily corporate prejudices, making it difficult to be recognized or promoted in a male-dominated printing field. 

Toni is someone who did not let these obstacles stop her! Toni Oman is an influencer, and a sensational woman who has created a name for herself in the printing industry through her well-recognized business. 

Who is Toni Oman?

Toni Oman is a proud, and inspiring, co-founder of Paragon Visual LLC. She is dedicated to helping customers and partners with innovative solutions. Toni Oman is well-known in the printing industry for thinking outside the box, rather than offering traditional and repetitive recommendations. 

Toni Oman has gained experience through her years of working in the administrative field and the print industry. She is filled with creative marketing ideas that empower print clients to establish a competitive advantage.

Oman collaborates with clients with an open mind. She empathizes with them and understands their requirements to avoid conflicts. Her networking strategy has been immensely appreciated, resulting in business loyalty and repetitive customers. Due to her talents and insight, Toni Oman is adored by her social circle and clients.

When asked about professionalism, Toni Oman believes growth is its fundamental value. She believes growth can welcome and effect change positively. It boosts healthy competition in the industry. 

Now let’s learn more about her company—Paragon Visual

Hire Paragon Visual for your Printing & Service needs

Paragon Visual offers high-quality and professional Service, Printers/Plotters, and Printing Media to ensure that clients’ businesses can print quality in house projects that will attract customers, while saving money and time. The company quickly adapts dynamic industrial requirements, such as incorporating new sources and updated technology.

Through its owners, Paragon Visual has the knowledge to deliver expert advice and the right product to make their client’s vision a reality. They offer printers and/or media for projects such as signage, canvas printing, maps, vehicle wraps, trade-show advertisements and more at affordable rates. As Paragon Visual has grown they have recently opened a Service Division, becoming a one stop shop for all their client’s needs.

Paragon Visual was established in 2020, hoping to transfer our experience in printing to client appeasement. The business is located in Titusville Florida and prides itself on putting their customer’s needs above all other. For queries, feel free to contact their customer service team.

Paragon Visual will actualize your printing requirements! They practice an easy return policy and accept payment through all credit and debit cards. Call Paragon Visual at 321-346-8400.