23 June 2023

Why Do You Need Keencut Products with Evolution3 Detail?

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Simply stated, Keencut accessories offer the perfect cut. The manufacturer has the leading experience in delivering safe and easy-to-use equipment for beginners and professionals alike. Keencut products are manual but do not compromise on innovation. The cutting equipment is designed to be durable and ensure user safety. Here are their qualities  


Keencut’s products offer Evolution3 QuikSwap. It increases stability. Since each tool is designed for a specific purpose, it introduces flexibility into the design. The user can install and remove the cutter as required. The step only takes a few seconds. Here are its different types:

Evolution3 Fabric tool head

The tool will cut fabric, paper, and film perfectly. However, it works on other materials, such as banners and delicate fabrics. Evolution3 Fabric tool head works well with Bench Top and Free Hand. In addition, the tool works best with the cutting mat.

Evolution3 Creaser tool head

The second Evolutio3 tool head works in different directions. This is the perfect add-on for sharp cuts on cards, grey board, paper, and cardboard. The device is ideal for designs with complicated overlays and sharp turns.

Evolution3 Rocker tool head

The Rocker tool will perform cutting for general purposes. For example, cardboard, banners, and foam board. The cutting accessory works with a maximum thickness of material of 10mm. The Evolution3 Rocker tool has a Tech-D.012 blade for expert cutting. You can use it for cutting aluminum panels such as Alupanel and Dibond.

Single lever design

Keencut products are unique in terms of operation. The single-handed lever does not need too much pressure. The lever-based design is accurate. It aligns excellently with the material regardless of its dimensions. In addition, the Lift and Hover systems firmly hold the material. Moreover, Keencut products do not sag. They hover over the service and stay parallel to the material. 

Excellent accuracy

Keencut products are well known for their accuracy. They are the best cutters in the market because of the minute measure units. Keencut accessories will be cut within a 0.2mm straight line. The designs offer excellent accuracy and align with the strip for sightseeing. As a result, the material will join perfectly. Keencut products will save time and money. Moreover, you will also experience a few mistakes and minimum material waste.


Keen products come with a QuikSwap tool that offers strong and smooth movements on the material alongside the length. Sideways movements are eliminated, which results in a perfect line. The right blade holds the material firmly. Thus, providing accuracy and no mistakes.

Lift and Hover, combined with the Evolution3 feature, makes the Keencut cutters very user friendly. They cut the material faster and increase the production scale. As a result, you can measure and cut the materials confidently without worrying about accidents.

Long-term reliability

Evolution3 ensures the Keencut accessories are well-tested. The quality assurance protocols follow the latest industry standards and stay updated with engineering rules. The cutting head comes with a bearing system and mechanism for securing the blades. The accessories are made to withstand the thickness and toughness of a wide variety of materials.

Purchase Keencut accessories today

Keencut Evolution3 accessories will make the job simpler. You will rave about precise cutting and sustainable results. Keencut manufactures all accessories in-house, and has the highest corporate standards for product durability and safety. The accessories arrive at the doorstep with a five-year warranty because they believe in their product. For more information, contact please call or email us. We would love to speak with you! 

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