29 November 2021

Education Series – Part 2: Smaller Prints and Signage

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Smaller font sizes are used to create smaller prints or banners for an educational institution like school signage or theatre advertising. The banners are designed for marketing the idea or promoting the event to a particular group of people and not the larger audience as a whole. Hence the advertising strategies are pin-pointed to cater to the needs of specific groups of the target audience. HP Everyday Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper is generally used to make these advertising banners. These are sturdy and have an excellent texture that conveys the texts and images with clarity. In addition, the HP pigment dries fast, and thus the productivity increases, and the client can get the best results using this paper for banners.

The benefits of advertising using banners are as follows:

Firstly, for making posters and banners for school events like theatre club events or science fairs, the students and the school authorities prefer an inexpensive option. Several flyers and banners and made and distributed amongst the students, and thus the use of the banners is essential in enhancing the outreach. The graphics and design can be made by the students or outsourced to professionals. For school-level programs, the budget is limited, and thus, the banners are the ideal medium for promotions.

Secondly, banners are sustainable options and can last longer. The school or the institution don’t need to frequently spend for creating these. Hence it is pocket-friendly and durable. The material is hardy, and the ink lasts longer. These can be repeatedly used, and thus the recurring costs can be avoided. Some annual events require posters and banners for only one day in a year, and hence it is ideal to invest in a material that can be used for consecutive years—for instance, the banner for School’s annual sports or concert.

Thirdly, if banners and posters are used for promoting an event, it can have a prolonged exposure period, and thus, more people notice and learn about the information conveyed. For instance, in the case of the school events organized by any institution of art and culture, if they promote via other media like through ads on radio or TV, the few seconds of exposure may fail to impact viewers. Instead, the constant exposure of the banners frequently catches the attention of the passers-by and thus ensures better outreach.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in banners and signage for promoting the event without draining the resources. It is not only a cost-effective method, but also the most useful one. However, it is also essential for the institution to get in touch with an expert graphic designer or a company that prints banners and signages using top-grade gloss paper or vinyl of the best quality. The selection of the material determines its durability. The small to medium fonts used in these posters and banners are mainly designed to serve this purpose main, and the graphics are chosen according to the occasion. Before availing of their services, the clients must conduct brief market research about the companies that offer these services. Checking their previous work samples would confer a clear idea. Thus, the banners and signages are simple yet effective for promotions and announcements.