02 January 2022

Education Series: Part 3 – Yearbook and Manuals

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The large-scale mass printing of manuals and yearbooks are done using digital printing services and top-grade material quality. The manuals are generally printed in large numbers for distribution alongside the products. Therefore these are important, and the companies invest a significant amount of money for developing these manuals. The quality of the print is also emphasized to ensure the convenience of the customers. Similarly, the yearbooks are prepared by the schools and other academic institutions. The yearbooks are a record of the academic year, and the documentation of the students’ events, activities, and achievements is evident.

It is ideal to choose such printing service providers for manual printing who offer their services at an affordable rate. However, they must not compromise on the quality of the performance. Generally, they offer ring-bound manual printing and use good quality ink for printing. The graphics and font are used according to the requirement and purpose. Some service providers do not require any minimum order quantity. The workplace training and products manuals are of high utility and are primarily in demand. The instruction manuals require the use of images and diagrams, and flowcharts to clarify the concept. In manual printing service, they produce premiere quality ring binders with two- or four-hole punching.

The design of the front cover is decided after much brainstorming. The top and bottom cover with images, quotes, and headlines immensely draws the target readers’ attention. HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper is used for these manuals and yearbooks to enhance the quality of these prints. The best part of using this pare is that the ink dries quickly and guarantees the best image quality. The specifications of the top covers, unique dividers are mentioned beforehand. The quality of the paper assures long-lasting prints, and the material is sturdy and durable. Hence the client doesn’t need to be worried about recurring expenses of making changes.

The service providers cater to the clients’ needs and offer ample options for printing and adding exceptional graphics and fonts. They can also avail the services online, and the service providers deliver the products directly to the customer’s doorsteps. For digital printing, an electronic or digital file to a toner- or ink-based printer is used. They also comprise a graphic designer in the team to help the clients design the yearbooks. The colourful and glossy pages of the yearbooks are redesigned with care. The yearbooks also have the branding of the school or academic institution. The presence of the school logo and other details further make the information conveyed through the institution more attractive. The companies perform this task with sheer precision and avoid errors. The time of completion of the project depends on the workload. Hence it is ideal to avail of the services to proceed systematically and in an organized manner.

These products are made hardy, and it lasts for years. The yearbooks carry memories of their school or college lives, and people look back with nostalgia seeing these prints.