13 April 2021

5 Ways Be Eco-Friendly in today’s World of Printing

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It should be our responsibility to minimize the life impact on the environment. Committing to eco-friendly and sustainable large format printing is a reliable way to do this. Numerous eco-friendly printing products are being introduced and developed that are available for a convenient and productive lifestyle. As the world is getting wiser regarding the significance of sustainable lifestyle, greener materials and substrate are becoming easy sources to use.

It’s our duty towards the planet and the future generation to set a sustainable mood of living that the coming generations can benefit from. The graphic industry relies on various resources including energy, paper, inks, solvents, and packaging. To reduce the impact of printing and graphic on the environment, we should concentrate on choosing reusable, recyclable, and repositionable resources for signs and prints. 

Not only this but with the beginning of this year, we have also seen the scale of substrate pricing rising fiercely. This is why it’s significant to shift to the eco-conscious mood of printing with lesser energy consumption and toxin emission.

Here are some effective ways that can help you in establishing more sustainable graphic and printing techniques. 


Maintaining a balance in resources such as paper and print is essential to become more eco-conscious in today’s world of graphics and printing. Print and papers are not entirely wasteful. However, there are many eco-friendly alternatives available these days that you can use to find balance in a sustainable lifestyle. For your signs, you can simply use products that are reusable and can be renewed while keeping the rigid substrate intact.

For instance, stick2 – 6 mil polypropylene film is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be conveniently applied on many surfaces. It is also repositionable and easy to remove. It’s both economical and logical considering that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These products can be used on posters, window displays, as well as short-termed residential graphics. 

2- Recycled papers 

Using recycled papers is the most eco-friendly step you can take towards a sustainable style of printing. It can save about half of the paper being consumed and is easy as well as effective at the same time. Papers that contain amounts of recycled products areas useful as virgin papers that are made of tree fibers only. This may reduce energy consumption to a considerable rate. Paper mills that do not treat the paper with chlorine produce lesser toxic waste and are more eco-friendly. 

3- Soy-based Inks 

Conventional inks are made from non-renewable resources and also do not get disposed of well in the environment. These inks are usually petroleum-based products and they invariably contaminate the ground and water resources near the printing press. Soy-based inks are good alternatives for these inks which provide equally good quality to the graphic and are a lot less toxic. 

4- Use more eco-friendly products 

You can use repositionable and removable textile adhesives like this product. It is made of woven polyester and has been enhanced for latex printer platforms. These products maintain the excellent quality on eco-solvent as well as UV printer platforms. These have removable adhesive and can easily be applied and repositioned without leaving any residue behind. 

5- Reduce energy consumption

The major part of eco-conscious printing includes what is beingutilized in powering and outfitting the equipment and facilities used for printing. The use of renewable resources such as wind and solar power can make drastic impacts on power consumption. Energy-saving options like fluorescent lighting, low-water usage in landscaping and fixture can make a huge difference when it comes to eco-conscious ways of printing and graphics. 

In today’s world, the printing and graphic industry are getting greener with every passing day. More advanced and sustainable products are available all the time to limit the impact of printing on the environment. Many products are being introduced that are reusable and can be used to renew any old rigid substrate.

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