03 March 2022

Talking Postscript: Why is Important?

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What does it mean and include?

The Postscript language includes descriptions of the style and size of the language. It also includes where the graphics should be placed and how the color needs to be treated. In laymen’s terms, the Postscript language file informs your printer on how to lay the pixels and dots into your document.

Why it is important?

Printers use dots to form images the way pixels in computers create images. Image file formats do this by forming a bitmap that describes what color to use for the dot in the image. This usually works well if the monitor and the printer have the exact number of pixels or dots as the image.

However, when the bitmap has a capacity of 72 pixels per inch, it becomes a problem for your printer to print 300 to 600 dots per inch. The solution for this problem is in the form of vector images. Instead of describing where each pixel and goes, the vector images use construct. This is a lot like high school geometry. When drawing a line, the vector image doesn’t define which pixels to fill. It only highlights the start to the endpoint of the line.

Consequently, when your monitor reads the vector image, it transforms the line definition into a specific series of pixels or dots. They maintain the near-perfect quality at any resolution. Postscript also helps the computers to form these vector images. Additionally, it helps computers define complex operations, which includes computer programming language. This is then used to move objects without having to redefine them. Since the world has become so interconnected, it is now easier to access information electronically from other sources. Furthermore, everyone wants to print the documents with high quality, which can be done using postscript. Adobe Postscript technology is supported on just about every platform. It is very easy to share, and the printers work independently, which ensures seamless operation in the environment. So you can send your document to anyone in the world, and they can read and print them.

How it became so popular:

Although the Adobe team invented postscript, the real breakthrough occurred based on a suggestion put forward by Steve Jobs. Around the time Adobe launched Postscripts for describing computer graphics, Apple was planning to launch LaserWriter, the first laser printer. Jobs told Adobe that postscript would work very well with printers. So Adobe made some tweaks, and LaserWriter became the first printer to use postscript.

To this day, high-end printers are using postscript to ensure maximum quality and because several high-end desktop publishing programs still use it for printing purposes.

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