25 April 2023

Paragon Visual just became an HP Amplify Impact FY23 Catalyst 3-Star Partner!

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Paragon Visual, a customer-focused business dedicated to providing high-quality Wide Format Printers/Plotters, Media, Equipment, and Service, has recently achieved another milestone! The company has earned the HP Amplify Catalyst 3-star rank. This achievement mirrors Paragon Visual’s dedication to providing top-quality services to its clients. Moreover, it is also a testament to Paragon Visual’s commitment to sustainability. 

HP Amplify Catalyst 3-Star Partner designation is a resource assessment and training certification. It is an ideal gateway for HP partners to join the printer manufacturer to influence human rights and climate change decisions. Furthermore, like Paragon Visual, HP is also dedicated to digital quality, which is becoming essential as we progress in the virtual world.

What is the Amplify Impact Program?

Paragon Visual believes a business cannot survive if sustainability is not one of its core values. The strategy impacts corporate goals and strategies. Therefore, HP designed the program to empower businesses of all scales to collaborate toward a low-carbon society. At the same time, Amplify Impact Program also celebrates inclusivity and diversity to bridge the digital gap.

Paragon Visual is working closely with HP to educate and excite the partners about the progress ahead. HP’s Amplify Catalyst 3-star rank is the first step in making an ever-lasting change. It will maximize economic opportunities so the partners achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.

The HP Amplify program was launched in November 2020. It is the leading global program that celebrates dynamic communication between partners. HP Amplify Impact Program focuses on consistent growth and delivering outstanding customer service. The initiative is easy to follow and offers a simplified approach. The program’s core values are capabilities, collaboration, and performance. 

Meet the Catalyst Recognition Badge

The HP Amplify Catalyst 3-star badge, rewarded to Paragon Visual, shows the company’s dedication to sustainability. We constantly transfer knowledge to employees and customers who care about the environment, and offer insight into sustainable business practices. HP’s program supports everyone throughout the journey.

Paragon Visual received the HP Amplify Catalyst 3-star badge after fulfilling the following requirements:

1. The company completed a self-assessment regarding sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

2. 30% of our staff has completed the training on the fundamentals of sustainability

3. 30% of the sales staff has also completed the sustainability and environmentally friendly corporate values course.

Due to hard work and HP’s sustainability program, four of Paragon’s deals have been positively affected, and became part of HP’s Fiscal Year.

Who is Paragon Visual?

Paragon Visual offers professional-grade services in wide format printing equipment. We aim to help clients from all industries with their printing projects. Furthermore, Paragon Visual adapts to the dynamic and evolving market environment. Moreover, our experts also offer the knowledge to utilize marketing resources efficiently because we know time is another very valuable resource.

Paragon Visual has a dedicated and professional relationship with HP which they believe in. The collaboration aims to achieve a successful and sustainable future around customer success. Paragon Visual promises innovative solutions to their clients whether it be map-making, car wraps, canvas, event signage, and graphics services, or something completely unique. 

Contact Us Today

Paragon Visual opened in 2020 with over 15 years of experience in printing and wide-format niche. The business is located in Titusville Florida and prides itself on putting their customer’s needs above all other. For queries, feel free to contact their customer service team. Dial (321) 346-8400 or email us at customerservice@paragonwf.com for queries.