13 July 2021

Using High-Quality Stickers: An Innovative way of Branding

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No matter whether you have a small or big business, and whichever sector it may be in, for helping the company grow, Branding is most important. With the right Branding, your business can have a distinct edge over your competitors. There are various ways in which you can build your brand. Out of the many, using high-quality stickers is one of the most innovative ways to express your brand identity. 

Why use stickers for brand building?

Stickers should not be overlooked as an attention-grabbing tool. One good thing about them is that they are very versatile in terms of placement. If they are of the highest quality, with the suitable adhesive, they can be put on different types of surfaces as well. The best part is that is they are very affordable. But at the same time, they must ensure the best quality standards. Speaking of high quality, the following are three types of stickers that can help your cause:

Graffiti Slick Stick Stickers

If you want to put up some promotional material on glass windows or doors of your showroom for brand building, the Graffiti Slick Stick Stickers are ideal. The sticker is an eightmm Polyester Film Coated on the to print with any Dry Toner Printer. It means that you can print any content on it and customize it to meet your specific needs. One great advantage you have with these stickers is that they are transparent film and bubble-free. It gives the stickers a neat look. The sticker can easily be stuck on any smooth surface, which includes glass. The sticker is printable on any side. It has a micro-suction silicone adhesive on the backside. Once it is stuck on the surface, it would stay there for a long time.

Graffiti Slick Stick Adhesive Polyester Media

Another sticker that is very useful for any business is the Graffiti Slick Stick Adhesive Media. It can be used for any content, which could be promotional or general matter as well. You would want the stickers you use to be durable. Once put up, the quality of the content displayed or the adhesive must not deteriorate over time. You would be happy to know that this sticker is durable, and waterproof as well.

It is made from tear-resistant polyester. It is of the highest quality polyester paper, which has no pulp and other fillers. As a result of this, the material is virtually impervious to climatic changes. It would not break down easily. The product is ideal for smooth surfaces and leaves no residue on them. It comes with a two-mm polyester liner released after printing when you are ready to apply the print. 

Graffiti Floor stick with removable adhesive

It is another top-rated floor stick product which is a self-adhesive substrate with removable adhesive liner. It is designed to print will all kinds of liquid as well as dry toners. If you are looking for floor graphics, this is ideal. It is available in sheets. It can easily be washed and maintained. 

To conclude, we can say that modern, high-quality stickers have a wide range of uses. You can easily use them for brand building. Out of the many types of stickers that you might consider, we hope that the products mentioned above will help your business grow quickly.

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