16 February 2021

GFCVM Solvent/Latex vs TORINO 17M

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Canvas is an extremely durable, firm plain-woven fabric, usually of linen, hemp, or cotton. It has been formerly used for tents, sails. Now, it is widely used for clothes, oil painting, and other items for which sturdiness is required. Moreover, it is also used in handbags, electronic device cases, and shoes. These days, people show so much interest in purchasing canvas paintings that look great on the walls. In this article, we will compare and contrast two types of canvases; Torino 17m Aqueous and GFCVM Solvent/Latex. This comparison is based on the features and benefits they offer to the users.

GFCVM Solvent/Latex

GFCVM is a 15 mil stretch canvas, made of a polyester-cotton blend, which features a pristine low glare satin finish. It has a unique inkjet coating, which produces an amazing color gamut and resolution. GFCVM is primarily designed for a wide range of high volume production and stretching applications. Below are the prominent features and benefits of this canvas. 


● It is a 15 mil Poly/Cotton base canvas that offers a 1:1 Weave Structure.

● It produces exceptional color gamut and black density that appeal to the viewers.

● It offers all types of resistance such as Tear-resistant, Water-resistant, Scratch resistant, and Fade resistant. All of these are imminent from multiple aspects.

● It offers brilliant flexibility for stretching that helps a lot in producing desired results.

● It is compatible with common liquid overlaminate. It means you can apply any type of common liquid overlaminate.

● You get necessary stretching with different production equipment. It is highly important for any canvas.

● It never cracks or breaks whenever folded from the edges. You can fold it the way you wish to.

● It is also OBA and pH neutral/acid-free


The GFCVM canvas is used in various common applications such as in Photo reproduction for stretching and framing. It is also used in Art reproduction for the same purposes of stretching and framing. Moreover, it is now widely used for wall decorations.


TORINO17M is a 17 mil stretch canvas, made of polyester/cotton blend. This canvas features a subtly textured surface and matte finish that looks so smooth and attractive.  It is primarily designed for photo/portrait prints, fine art reproductions, museum art, maps, and banners. Below are the prominent features of this canvas.


● It is a 1:1 structured-based canvas that offers top-notch color gamut and black density to makes the visuals more attractive.

● It offers all types of resistants needed for a canvas including Tear-resistant, Water-resistant, Scratch resistant, Fade-resistant. All of these keeps the canvas in its ideal form.

● It provides exceptional flexibility for stretching and never breaks or cracks while folding the edges.

● You can use it with common liquid over laminate without any issue.

● It is pH neutral/acid-free with Minimal OBA’s.


The Torino 17M is used in photo and art reproduction for stretching and framing purposes. It is also used for wall decorations these days.

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