22 February 2021

Large Format Printers

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HP has been producing multiple high-quality electronic products, including printers, for a while now. HP printers are highly used by different companies and individuals around the world for their top-notch quality. There are multiple series of HP printers, and the DesignJet series is one of them. In this article, we will discuss two models of this series, which are the HP DesignJet T650 printer and HP DesignJet Studio.

HP DesignJet T650

HP DesignJet T650 Printer comes in two variants named HP DesignJet T650 36-in Printer and HP DesignJet T650 24-in Printer. Both offer a built-in stand that helps a lot in keeping it anywhere with ease. Moreover, you get all the necessary equipment inside the box such as an automatic sheet feeder, roll cover, print head, and cartridges. It automatically prints multiple size projects. Here are some of the key advantages of this printer.

Wide Usage

It is used by different professionals from multiple fields such as AEC, GIS, and MCAD to print maps, technical drawings, posters, and renders with precision and top-notch quality. 


This printer is pretty great from an economic aspect also. It uses up to 95% less ink for routine maintenance, which is amazing.

Dynamic Security

It comes with enabled dynamic security. You can only use it with cartridges having an original HP chip. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.


The T650 printer prints multi-size A3/B and A1/D projects automatically, without manually switching the media source. This feature saves a lot of your important time and makes everything quite easy. Moreover, it can send multiple files in one click with HP Click software. It is also packed with plenty of drivers and features that provide you precise results.


It is quite compact and comes with a built-in stand. The built-in stand makes it easier to keep it anywhere according to need. 

Faster Speed

This printer offers high-speed printing as fast as 26 seconds per A1/D plot. This speed saves a lot of time and increases your productivity. 

Easy Access

It lets you access and manages all of your printing and plotting activities with the HP Smart app.

HP DesignJet Studio

HP DesignJet Studio Printer is another magnificent device by HP. It offers top-notch performance within less time to increase productivity. Just like the T650, it comes in two variants of 36-in and 24-in. Besides this, you can also choose between a wood orsteel top.  Here are some of the main advantages of this printer.

Easy setup

You can easily set up this printer, even with your smartphone from a remote location. The HP smart app makes everything easier for you.

Latest Technology

This printer is equipped with the latest technology to deliver precise results.


This Printer lets you print multi-size projects automatically, without manually switching the media source. It saves a lot of time. Moreover, the printer has all the features and drivers to enhance the performance.

High Speed

It offers a high printing speed that increases your productivity to a whole new level. You can perform everything from job prep to final print with 2x faster speed. 

Easy Access

HP smart app makes it easier for your to access and manage this printer, even from a remote location.

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