21 April 2022

All you need to know about New Sihl Art Paper(s)

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An Introduction

Brilliant means must be used to print perfect moments and appealing art. With professional inkjet printing equipment and Sihl photo and poster materials, canvas, and artist papers, any picture may be transformed into a work of art. Are you curious about what type of magic spell Sihl Art Paper(s) cast? Well, worry not! Here’s all you need to know about Sihl Art Paper(s) and what’s new!

Understanding Sihl Art Paper(s)

Papers from Sihl are the perfect option since they provide a broad selection of high-end premium goods ranging from photographic art to all-round papers for huge print runs. In addition, photo paper that adheres to itself is also available.

Sihl photo and poster papers come in various surfaces and grammages and may be printed using water-based or latex printing methods. FSC certified and ecologically friendly, many of them.

Why is Sihl Art Paper(s) Excellent for the Fine Art Print Market?

Sihl is the industry’s leading specialist for digital imaging printing media solutions. It’s a high-performance, worldwide firm with the necessary technical know-how and extensive industry experience to help you succeed. As a result, Sihl boosts its clients’ market share and adds considerable value to their customers’ and partners’ added value via innovative services that support their processes with future-proof product solutions.

Sihl has a broad selection of inkjet printing mediums for artists. Everything from fine art papers with actual aquarelle optics to canvas for high-volume printing, such as in online print shops, is included in the collection.

What’s the New Sihl Art Paper(s)?

  • 3315 Creative Smooth Paper: Created from 100% cotton fibers, 3315 Creative Smooth Paper offers a velvety feel and a highly comparable color to that of classic artist paper. Aqueous and latex inks may be used with this paper, which is exceptionally durable and resistant. Art prints, reproductions, fine art photography, and portraits benefit significantly from the use of Creative Smooth Paper. The product has a high degree of rigidity due to its 320 gsm weight, making it well-suited for further processing. It is Fogra certified.

  • 3317 Creative Textured Paper: Paper with a textured matte finish, made entirely of cotton fibers, is 3317 Creative Textured Paper. An aqueous or latex printer may utilize this paper since it’s water-resistant. Art prints, reproductions, and creative pictures look their best with this paper’s softly textured finish. Natural-colored paper is indistinguishable from that used by artists.

  • 3338 Aquarella 2 Paper: Forga certified,Coated, softly textured, and natural matte, the 3338 Aquarella 2 Paper is ideal for fine art reproductions and stunning photography prints. Printing using aqueous or latex inks produces vibrant and water-resistant prints because of the product’s use of just cellulose fibers. Natural-colored paper is indistinguishable from that used by artists.

About Forga

Forga is a non-profit organization that supports the printing and media industries. Self-sufficient and steadfast in their pursuits. (https://fogra.org/en/)

Throughout the year, Fogra’s technical divisions carry out research, testing, certification, and dissemination of their discoveries. Their scope extends from pre- through post-production, materials, and the environment, and even security considerations.

Give It a Shot!

Moments of significance ought to be commemorated uniquely. It is possible to design each area uniquely and make stunning eye-catchers using canvas or creative art paper as the most critical requirements. Sihl has an excellent price/performance ratio, durability, and beautiful printing results. For more details, check out our website!